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Black History Month ‘Onyx 5′

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Black History Month ‘Onyx 6′

As I Grew Older by Langston Hughes

It was a long time ago.
I have almost forgotten my dream.
But it was there then,
In front of me,
Bright like a sun—
My dream.
And then the wall rose,
Rose slowly,
Between me and my dream.
Rose until it touched the sky—
The wall.
I am black.
I lie down in the shadow.
No longer the light of my dream before me,
Above me.
Only the thick wall.
Only the shadow.
My hands!
My dark hands!
Break through the wall!
Find my dream!
Help me to shatter this darkness,
To smash this night,
To break this shadow
Into a thousand lights of sun,
Into a thousand whirling dreams
Of sun!

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Black History Month ‘Onyx 7′

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Black History Month ‘Onyx 8′


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Black History Month ‘Onyx 9′

“The Art of Annie Lee”

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Black History Month ‘Onyx 10′

The eccentric and vibrant customs of New Orleans proves it to be, one of the great cultural metropolises in America— from the Creole and Cajun people to the Creole and Cajun cuisine. From the swamps to the French Quarter to Bourbon Street, and finally, to the famous day that freaks aren’t merely accepted, but commended— Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday! All fun. All intriguing.


The best part of my culture, for me, is the Black Mardi Gras Indians. A tradition for over a century— its origin is blurred; however, most believe that Africans began dressing in Native American garb to show homage toward another downtrodden people. A people whom assisted runaway slaves and at times intermarried.

Today the tradition still lives, and it’s prominent on Mardi Gras day, especially beneath the Claiborne Bridge in Downtown New Orleans. The thought— the explosive vision of this occasion, brings emotional pleasure to my being. To experience it is to love it, but to be a part of this way of life is a blessing.

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Black History Month ‘Onyx 11′

Jim Zwerg was an American civil rights activist, who suffered until policemen drove him to a hospital; he was denied help from White ambulance drivers.


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